CLPU under the Project entitled “Transport and Manipulation of laser Accelerated Particles: New scenarios in Flash Radiotherapy” is looking for two post docs for a three years contract. More info on our web page and particularly at


The PW class High Power Laser VEGA installed at the CLPU is capable of accelerating charged particle beams and radiation sources with spatial and temporal concentration never reached before in conventional accelerators. This is due to the extremely violent acceleration fields that can be generated when the laser is focused onto special thin targets. Such novel scheme of acceleration can be very compact and less stringent in terms of radioprotection requirements. The CLPU Team has a recognized experience in such laser-driven sources, and hundreds of MeV electrons and 10s of MeV protons have been already produced at CLPU. In addition radiotherapy at high dose rate (known as “flash radiotherapy”) seem to be a promising technique with some advantages with respect the conventional one. In this project we will generate a series of secondary sources to be used at high repetition rate mode for biological applications. In particular these two positions will be specifically for the design, construction and operation of an adequate transport system to focus laser accelerated pulsed sources into biological samples. Expertise in accelerated particles beamlines (laser or conventional) and/or in numerical codes related to that (as Montecarlo or other transport codes) is relevant.

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