Two postdoctoral scholarship positions in condensed matter theory at Uppsala University

The division of Materials Theory at Uppsala University offers a world-class environment for materials theory research, with interests spanning from strongly correlated and topological states of matter to atomistic spin simulations and first-principles calculations of materials properties. The division is highly international and currently consists of approximately 90 active researchers, of which approximately a third are Ph.D. students. The positions are placed in the research group of Prof. Annica Black-Schaffer, which currently hosts eleven Ph.D. students and postdocs.

The overall aim of the research is to gain deeper and fundamental knowledge of the mechanisms and properties of topological and unconventional superconductors. Currently three larger projects are being pursued, centred on discovering new topological superconductors for robust quantum computation, new mechanisms and materials for odd-frequency superconductivity, and exploring dynamic quantum matter. The goal of the first project is to theoretically discover new and experimentally viable topological superconductors. Several systematic but interlinked approaches are pursued, ranging from using flat band normal-state dispersions to spontaneously breaking time-reversal symmetry or using nanostructuring to achieve both novel phases and sculpture artificial boundaries in topological matter. The second project aims at discovering and exploring entirely new mechanisms and materials for odd-frequency superconductivity. Odd-frequency superconductivity is the key to understand the physics of superconductor-ferromagnet structures, and this project aims to extend the concept and importance of odd-frequency superconductivity to a far wider set of materials, ranging from multiband to topological superconductors. Finally, the third project is a joint theory-experimental collaboration between Nordita, Stockholm, KTH, and Uppsala addressing some of the basic questions about dynamic quantum matter: the nature of electronic ordering in the time domain of quantum mechanics, including odd-frequency superconductivity, the emergence of entangled orders, and the role of dissipation on quantum orders.

We are seeking up to two highly motivated and well-qualified researchers holding Ph.D. degrees in condensed matter theory, or equivalently, with research experience in topological or unconventional superconductivity. Ability to perform both analytical and numerical work is beneficial. The successful candidates should be able to independently take responsibility for specific research projects but also work well in teams. Excellent oral and written communication skills in English are required. The scholarships are for two years, with the possibility of additional extension depending on scientific progress.

The application should include

1) Cover letter
2) CV
3) Publication list
4) Statement of research interests
5) List (including email addresses) of up to three references

and should be sent as a single PDF file to with keyword Postdoc2021 in the subject line. Review of applications will begin after February 15th 2021 and will continue until the positions are filled. Uppsala University is striving to achieve a more even gender balance and women are especially encouraged to apply.

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