The Training Courses – taking place in the enchanting Amalfi Coast – are aimed at graduate students and PostDoc researchers, and offer the fascinating possibility to meet selected experts belonging to different areas in Condensed Matter Physics. Every year the Training Courses cover hot topics of Condensed Matter Physics offering to the participants a deep overview from different perspectives (theoretical, experimental, phenomenological).

This year the focus will be on:

“Topological superconductivity and quantum devices”

Topological superconductivity is an interesting state of matter which has recently gained a lot of interest, both from a theoretical and experimental point of view, in connection with quantum computation. Although the nontrivial topology in the quantum Hall system was already recognized as early as 1982, topological quantum systems gained wide interest after the theoretical discovery in 2005 of the quantum spin Hall insulator phase in a two-dimensional (2D) time-reversal-invariant insulator. It was soon recognized that topological classifications are possible in principle for various quantum many-body systems having a gap in the energy-band spectrum, like topological superconductors. The XXII Training Course will be devoted to the recent advancements in the theoretical and experimental research in topological superconducivity, ranging from Majorana fermion models, numerical approaches, experimental overview and topological quantum computation.
The Training Courses are not intended as a series of formal lectures where no real contact develops between lecturers and audience. The idea is to put together, for two weeks, senior and young researchers in a close and informal atmosphere.
The course lasts two weeks and sees the participation of two senior researchers per week (Monday to Friday). In the morning, each senior researcher will deliver a lecture. The afternoon sessions are devoted to training and emphasis will be on introducing young researchers to some specific problems and guiding them through their solution. The participants will be encouraged to present their own activity. The aim is to help young researchers to become more familiar with different approaches and start new collaborations. A limited number of participants will have the opportunity to deliver a seminar.
The Course is open to a limited number (around 40) of young (aged under 35) researchers. The registration fee is €400.00 for all the duration of the course and €300.00 for only one week of attendance. Full, half-board or B&B accommodation in double room is possible at the Hotel La Lucertola: The cost for the entire duration of the course (13 nights: arrival on Sunday September 30, departure in the morning of Saturday October 13, 2018) will be in the order of €1,200.00, for half-board accommodation €975.00 and for only B&B accommodation €780.00.

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