Postdoctoral Position at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology – ICN2, in Barcelona (Spain).

The project aims at a better understanding of the electronic properties in systems with strong relativistic interactions, in a joint collaboration between the groups of Prof. Pablo Ordejón (Director of ICN2) and Prof. Stephan Roche.

Candidate’s tasks:
The candidate will use state-of-the-art Density Funcional methodologies to study spin-orbit effects in novel materias, including topological insulators and candidate materials for spintronics applications. The postdoc tasks include developing and testing the required subroutines to include spin-orbit interactions within the SIESTA code, model electronic, magnetic and magnetolectric properties of different systems, and implementing new methodologies to simulate spin transport in nanodevices.

Cadidate’s profile:
PhD in physics, chemistry, materials science or nanoscience. Extensive experience in materials simulations within the framework of Density Functional Theory. Knowledge of linux/unix and programming experience (fortran and mpi) are a must. Experience with spin-orbit simulations preferable. Good written and oral communication skills in English.

We offer:
Full-time contract as Postdoctoral researcher.
Social benefits: Flexible timetable, Flexible Benefits Package
Scientific excellence, a challenging project, and an innovative work environment.

The position is open within the «Severo Ochoa» Center of Excellence Programme of ICN2, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

Starting date:
As soon as a suitable candidate is selected.

Applications should be submitted through the ICN2 Jobs online portal: