The Symposium covers all of semiconductor fields ranging from fundamental physics to the newest technologies and devices, such as chiral materials, 2D materials, nano-bio devices, green energy technologies, so on. Recent progress and future trends in these research areas along with other rapidly advancing areas in semiconductors will be discussed in this Symposium, to give timely impetus to research and development. In this Symposium, about 50 invited talks including 2 plenary sessions will be presented. The Symposium proceedings will be published separately in the Journal of the Korean Physical Society, Current Applied Physics, and Science of Advanced Materials.
The Symposium venue, Jeju Island (officially the Jeju Special Self-governing Province), contains volcanic island and lava tubes that were registered as the natural World Heritage Site of UNESCO in 2007. Mt. Hallasan Nature Reserve, Seongsan Sunrise Peak, and Geomunoreum Lava Tube System were selected for their unique and significant features with scientific, cultural, and ecotourism-related importance.
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