Barcelona, Casa Convalescència, Spain, July 13-17 2015

Random fluctuations, and its effect on systems, have always been an interdisciplinary subject that has attracted some of the best scientists in the world. The noise is not only a hindrance to signal detection, but a valuable source of information (not present on the signal) about the full behavior of a system.

Since its first edition in 1996, the aim of the UPoN conference is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers working on the use of noise, fluctuations and variability in different research fields, where they can present and discuss their scientific problems which do resist solutions and discuss together in a fruitful atmosphere.

The conference tradition dictates that to be accepted each proposal (oral or poster papers) has to be reviewed using double-blind refereeing process by the Scientific Committee.

To favor cross-fertilization from different disciplines and knowledge transfer among participants, during the one-week conference, no parallel sessions are foreseen.

Noise is starting to look altogether friendlier and more useful to get a deep understanding of (physical, biological, financial, etc) systems than it did in earlier times.

Gracias a Gloria Platero (ICMM-CSIC) por enviarnos la información.