EMN Spain meeting, Energy Materials Nanotechnology, will take place in San Sebastián 1-4 September, 2015.

You can find all the information in http://www.emnmeeting.org/spain/

Conference topics:

1.      Advanced Functional Materials and Technologies: Energy and Sensing

1.1.    Smart Sensor Materials and Technologies

1.2.    Thermoelectrics

1.3.     Spin caloritronics

1.4.    Sensing phenomena, modelling and evaluation, Sensor networks

2.      Advanced Materials, Properties, Processing and Performance

2.1.    Bulk metallic glasses and composites

2.2.    Novel processing and technologies

2.3.    Nano- and micro-composites, preparation and properties

2.4.     Synthesis techniques and metastable phase formation

3.      Metamaterials, Microwave Power Engineering, High frequency & Power devices

3.1.    Tuneable metamaterials

3.2.    Electrodynamics

3.3.    Physics of complex electromagnetic materials

3.4.    Experimental techniques for characterization of metamaterials

3.5.    Microwave Processing of Materials

4. Magnetic Materials for Energy Applications

 4.1 Hard and soft magnetic materials

4.2. Magnetocaloric materials

4.3  Magnetic shape-memory materials

4.4.  Magnetism in metals, alloys and intermetallics

5. Thin films & nanostructures

5.1.  Thin films, coatings, multilayers

5.2.  Surface and interface magnetism

5.3. Spin electronics & applications,  Magnetization dynamics

5.4. Micro, nano and molecular magnetism

5.5. Magnetic thin film devices

6.   Novel Materials and Phenomena

6.1     Magneto-electric and magneto-elastic effects

6.2     Nanostructured, nanocrystalline and micro-grained materials

6.3     Rapidly quenched alloys

6.4     Маgnetophotonics

8. Life sciences & applications.

8.1. Materials for biological applications

8.2 Magnetism in biology and medicine.

8.3.   Biosensors

9. Microscopy, Imaging & Characterization.

9.1. Domains and domain walls