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Bound states in the continuum, hybrid modes and pattern formation in one dimensional nonlinear resonators

Alexey Yulin, ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

December 2 (Thursday), 2021, 12:00 CET

In this talk I discuss nonlinear periodically corrugated one-dimensional waveguides pumped at normal incidence by coherent light. It is known that these systems can support so called Bound States in the Continuum (BIC) –localized states with their frequency lying within the spectrum of free propagating waves. These states cannot be excited by incident radiation but have high Q factor (it is infinite for perfect BIC and in the absence of material losses). We discuss parametric excitation of the BIC mode, the formation of hybrid states and the dynamics of different nonlinear structures nestling on the hybrid states. In particular, domain walls, their bound states forming dark dissipative solitons and bright dissipative solitons are addressed.

Papers related to the talk:

1. D. Dolinina and A. Yulin, “Spontaneous symmetry breaking of nonlinear states in optical cavities with radiative losses”, Optics Lett. 45, 3781, (2020).

2. D. Dolinina and A. Yulin, “Dissipative switching waves and solitons in the systems with spontaneously broken symmetry”, Phys. Rev. E 103, 052207 (2021).