BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA

The Quantum Information Processing (QuIP) group at BBN is seeking a graduate level intern for a summer research project in experimental superconducting electronics. The role will be to support experimental efforts in superconducting quantum computing and superconducting digital electronics. QuIP at BBN is a group of experimentalists and theorists with backgrounds spanning various areas of optical, atomic, and superconducting quantum information processing, and populates a newly renovated building in the BBN campus that houses 5 well-equipped laboratories. Desired qualifications: * Doctoral student, one or more years into his/her PhD (in EECS, Physics, or a related discipline. * Strong background electromagnetic simulations and circuit design. * Experience with digital logic design * Experience in development of low noise electronics and microwave electronics preferred. *Experience performing high-frequency and mK low-noise measurements would be desirable.

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