Opening of PostDoc and PhD positions on Strongly Correlated and   Topological Quantum Many-Body Systems Out-of-Equilibrium University of Salerno, Italy – Prof. Adolfo Avella  1) PostDoc position of one year, extendable to two, starting in   Summer/Fall 2020 funded by a national Italian research project on   out-of-equilibrium topological systems. The project involves   theoretical and computational research in close connection with a few   teams of very excellent experimentalists and many international   collaborations.


Other side theoretical and computational studies are   also possible as strongly correlated systems, unconventional   superconductivity and multi-orbital systems, even in presence of   defects.  2) Three-year PhD position starting in Fall 2020 in theoretical and   computational research on strongly correlated systems, unconventional   superconductors, topological insulators and their out-of-equilibrium   dynamics.


Candidates should have a degree in Physics, as well as adequate skills   in theoretical and/or computational physics, in particular for   topological, strongly-correlated and out-of-equilibrium systems [e.g.   (non-equilibrium) Green’s functions].


Please, point out knowledge and   experience in these fields in the CV, if any.  – Send CV and expression of interest to Prof. Adolfo Avella <> Dipartimento di Fisica «E.R. Caianiello» Università degli Studi di Salerno