• Abstract submission deadline:

    6 July 2015

  • Early registration deadline:

    10 August 2015

  • Registration deadline:

    4 September 2015

Several high-fidelity qubit implementations in silicon have been demonstrated over the last few years. But now, researchers in the field of Silicon Quantum Information Processing are faced with the challenge of upscaling these technologies to a meaningful number of qubits. In the short term, it is necessary to realise two-qubit and multi-qubit structures and only with a strong collaboration with industrial silicon fabrication platforms this endeavour will be achievable. The meeting aims to bring together researchers interested in silicon-based quantum technologies with academic and industrial experts from silicon device fabrication facilities. The meeting will focus on bridging the gap between basic research on single-qubit structures and the large scale integration possibilities of industrial silicon fabrication plants. The topics covered during the meeting will range from recent studies on single qubits to scalable multi-qubit proposals through enabling fabrication technologies. On the single qubit side, we will explore experimental and theoretical studies on qubit design, measurement and control with special emphasis on scalable architectures. On the multiple qubit side, we will focus on theoretical proposals for large scale integration and multi qubit control protocols. Finally, nanofabrication experts on CMOS-based technologies and atomic scale lithography will give their views on how to implement this change in paradigm: from one to many qubits.

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