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Silicon Workshop 2019, San Sebastián, October 14-16

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The Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop focuses on silicon-based approaches to realizing quantum electronics circuitry such as quantum computers. The purpose of the workshop is to unite the leading researchers, students, and postdocs in the field to discuss advances in silicon quantum device fabrication, measurement, modeling, and theory. During the workshop the following topics will be

Superredes de ferroeléctricos para distinguir entre efectos estructurales y electrostáticos

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La carga superficial conmutable en un material ferroeléctrico (la polarización remanente) viene determinada tanto por sus propiedades estructurales como por las condiciones de contorno impuestas por la electrostática. En cuanto a la electrostática, si una lámina de un material ferroeléctrico se coloca entre dos materiales conductores idealmente metálicos, la polarización remanente puede ser alta ya

Silicon quantum information processing: Scaling Up. Cambridge, UK, 11 Sept 2015

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Abstract submission deadline: 6 July 2015 Early registration deadline: 10 August 2015 Registration deadline: 4 September 2015 Several high-fidelity qubit implementations in silicon have been demonstrated over the last few years. But now, researchers in the field of Silicon Quantum Information Processing are faced with the challenge of upscaling these technologies to a meaningful number