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PhD position on machine learning and plasmonics

2020-01-21T14:26:01+01:00Tags: |

The experimental research group of Prof. Ferry Prins and the theory group of Prof. Jorge Bravo-Abad, both members of the Condensed Matter Physics Center of Excellence (IFIMAC), are offering a joint PhD position to strengthen our efforts into the exploration of deep learning for the inverse design of plasmonic sensors. We are looking for a

Postdoc position at U Cantabria on Neutron scattering of magnetic nanoparticles


Deadline for application: 17 January 2020 The Group of Magnetic Materials at UC seeks a qualified EU-candidate for a postdoctoral position. The main focus of the research project is to characterize magnetic nanoparticles by means of neutron diffraction, SANS, Inelastic Neutron Scattering and correlate with magnetization and susceptibility measurements. The post-doctoral fellowship will be running

PhD position in Molecular Spintronics at IMDEA Nanociencia

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Molecular spintronics under electrochemical control IMDEA Nanociencia is looking for a PhD Student to work on Molecular Electronics. The study of the electrical properties of individual molecular entities is at the core of future technologies such as Spintronics, 2D Materials or Bioelectronics. In this project, the student will work in a combination of techniques to

Computational School on Electronic Excitations in Novel Materials Using the Yambo Code

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The school will take place from January 27 to January 31, 2020 at the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste. The Computational School on Electronic Excitations in Novel Materials Using the Yambo Code will introduce participants to post-DFT simulations, in particular to many-body perturbation theory (MBPT) approaches and will provide training in the calculation

Ph.D. position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Aalto University, Finland

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There is a Ph.D. position opened in the field of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Aalto University in Finland. The Ph.D. project focuses on artificial topological superconductivity in van der Waals materials. Deadline for applications November 8th. Application procedure and detailed information at

Oferta beca FPI para Tesis doctoral en Sensores cuánticos de radiación, Zaragoza/Barcelona


ICMA (Zaragoza) and  ICMAB (Barcelona) offer one PhD position in the framework of the project "X-ray detectors based on Transition-Edge Sensors: optimization of a pixel and development of arrays” The PhD thesis will aim at characterizing the detectors, performing electrothermal modeling and studying the physics behind the superconducting transition. Radiation detectors based on superconductors and

Oferta beca FPI para tesis doctoral, Zaragoza

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Project: The project aims at integrating topologically protected magnetic textures (magnetic vortices, skyrmions…) into superconducting resonators. The main goal is to achieve the so-called strong coupling regime between these magnetic excitations and individual photons residing in the cavity. This will allow coherently coupling distant magnetic textures or o transduce microwave photons to spin waves and

CMD2020GEFES: Submit now your proposal for a mini-colloquium!


We welcome you to CMD2020GEFES, a large international conference covering all aspects of condensed matter physics. The conference combines the biennial meetings of the Condensed Matter Divisions of the Spanish Physics Society (RSEF-GEFES) and of the European Physical Society (EPS-CMD). It is the 28th in the series of Condensed Matter General conferences, held in Europe

Postdoctoral Position in Computational Condensed Matter Physics at Purdue University, Indiana

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Group Leader: Dr. Zubin Jacob, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. Other affiliations: Birck Nanotechnology Center, Purdue Quantum Center, U. of Alberta. Main Research Areas: Casimir forces, quantum nanophotonics, plasmonics, metamaterials, Vacuum fluctuations, open quantum systems, spin-photonics, quantum light-matter interaction Description of research: The Jacob research group works

PhD Fellowships in Quantum Science and Engineering at UNSW, Sydney

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Group Leader: Dr. Rajib Rahman, Associate Professor of Physics, UNSW, Sydney, Australia. Affiliation: School of Physics, Centre for Quantum Computer and Communication Technologies. Relevant areas: Quantum Computing, Solid-state Physics, Quantum Physics, Quantum Material Science, Computational science. Students with backgrounds in Physics, Electrical Engineering or computational science are preferred. Description of research: We develop theoretical and