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Silicon Workshop 2019, San Sebastián, October 14-16

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The Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop focuses on silicon-based approaches to realizing quantum electronics circuitry such as quantum computers. The purpose of the workshop is to unite the leading researchers, students, and postdocs in the field to discuss advances in silicon quantum device fabrication, measurement, modeling, and theory. During the workshop the following topics will be

Undergraduate Summer School in Quantum Technologies, London, 3-7 September 2018

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“Can quantum computers really solve impossible problems?” “Is quantum communication really un-hackable?” PROGRAM LECTURES from leading experts on: Basic concepts in quantum mechanics Quantum computing and qubits Quantum algorithms and quantum computer architectures Quantum cryptography and quantum communication Key technology platforms for quantum computers HANDS ON EXPERIMENTS, including: Programming a small-scale quantum processor Quantum device

Post-doc opening at CEA/DRFMC (Grenoble)

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A post-doctoral position is opened at the Institute for Nanosciences and Cryogenics (INAC) of  the CEA Grenoble (France) for up to two years, on the theory and modeling of silicon-on-insulator quantum bits. Quantum information technologies on silicon have raised an increasing interest over the last five  years [1]. Indeed, record coherence times have been achieved

Post Doctoral Researcher-Superconducting Electronics

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IBM Research is seeking candidates for Post Doctoral Research positions at its Watson Lab in Yorktown Heights, NY. The main responsibility of this position is to design and characterize quantum computing device elements using superconducting circuits. The successful candidates will complement and leverage the strength of the existing world-class team and state-of-the-art fabrication facility to