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A two-year position is available for a post-doctoral researcher to work on  the theoretical description of superconductivity and correlations in twisted bilayer graphene. The candidate will be part of the Theory of Quantum Materials and Solid State Quantum Technologies Group ( at the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (ICMM), Spain. The ICMM belongs

Two post-doc positions in Rome

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The Rome-Sapienza Unit of the Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR) is looking for two outstanding postdocs one experimental and one theoretical.  Both postdocs will join an interdisciplinary team of nanoscience scientists, material science specialists, and theoreticians with the aim to study and characterize complex materials for quantum technologies. The team will study unconventional and strongly

Postdoctoral Position in Condensed Matter Theory, Niels Bohr Institute

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A post doc position in the research group of Prof. Brian M. Andersen at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen is currently open for applications. The position is for 2 years, and is aimed at theoretical studies of magnetic and superconducting systems including cuprates, iron-based superconductors, and topological superconductors. It is expected that significant

Postdoc positions in Quantum Many-Body Theory & Topological Phases — University of Cambridge

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Research Assistant/Associate in Quantum Many-Body Theory x 2 Applications are invited for two Postdoctoral Research Assistant/Associate positions, funded by an ERC Starting grant, to work with Dr B. Beri at the Department of Physics and/or the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge. The posts are for theoretical investigations of quantum many-particle

Postdoctoral position in Condensed Matter Theory at McMaster University

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The condensed matter theory group at McMaster is looking for outstanding candidates for a postdoctoral position to begin in the summer or fall of 2019. Areas of interest include superconductivity, quantum magnetism, quantum dynamics, non-Fermi liquids, quantum criticality, topological phases, and holography. A successful candidate will have opportunity to interact with the vibrant theoretical and experimental condensed matter

Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at Los Alamos National Laboratory

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The Physics of Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (T4) of Los Alamos National Laboratory has an opening for a post-doctoral fellowship in theoretical condensed matter physics October 2018 (or later).  We work on a broad range of topics including unconventional superconductors, heavy fermion materials, quantum phase transition and topological materials. Theoretical expertise in condensed matter theory is

Postdoctoral positions in Condensed Matter Theory group at Argonne National Laboratory

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The Condensed Matter Theory group at Argonne National Laboratory has several postdoctoral positions that are immediately available.  Areas of particular interest are electronic structure in support of synthesis efforts; analysis of spectroscopic data; quantum information, including quantum algorithms and modeling of physical processes in QC architectures; transport in topological semimetals; strongly correlated electron systems.  Current staff members include

Postdoc position in Universitá Sapienza, Rome

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A one-year Postdoc scholarship is available in the Quantum Material Modelling Group at the Physics Department, Universitá Sapienza, starting in the Fall/Winter 2018, to work on a project on “Computational prediction of new high-Tc conventional superconductors”. The project involves the search for new superconducting materials using ab-initio methods for electronic structure and crystal structure prediction

Post-doc opening at CEA/DRFMC (Grenoble)

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A post-doctoral position is opened at the Institute for Nanosciences and Cryogenics (INAC) of  the CEA Grenoble (France) for up to two years, on the theory and modeling of silicon-on-insulator quantum bits. Quantum information technologies on silicon have raised an increasing interest over the last five  years [1]. Indeed, record coherence times have been achieved