A post doc position in the research group of Prof. Brian M. Andersen at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen is currently open for applications. The position is for 2 years, and is aimed at theoretical studies of magnetic and superconducting systems including cuprates, iron-based superconductors, and topological superconductors. It is expected that significant efforts will be centered on general interesting aspects of electron interactions, pairing, and novel disorder effects in multi-orbital systems. It is also expected that the post doc will participate in on-going collaborations with various experimental groups.
The applicant should have a PhD degree in physics, preferable with a strong condensed matter background and should ideally have experience with the theory of superconducting and/or magnetic systems.
Inquiries about the position can be made to Professor Brian M. Andersen. The position is open from 1 March 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter.
More information about the position can be found here:


The deadline for applications is January 18th 2019.