The International Conference on Quantum Dots is a premier forum for scientists from diverse research fields including physics, chemistry, materials science, and engineering to discuss the science and applications of quantum dots. As the primary international forum in this field, the conference has been held biennially around the world, Munich (Germany, 2000), Tokyo (Japan, 2002), Banff (Canada, 2004), Chamonix-Mont Blanc (France, 2006), Gyeongju (Korea, 2008), Nottingham (United Kingdom, 2010), Santa Fe (New Mexico, USA, 2012), and Pisa (Italy, 2014). The 9th QD conference in 2016 will be held in Jeju, an exotic island off the southern coast of Korea. A wide range of topics will be addressed to integrate the diverse expertise developed in various quantum dots such as epitaxially grown quantum dots, chemically synthesized nanocrystal quantum dots, and electrostatically defined quantum dots.

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