The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) will hold its seventh Theory Winter School in Tallahassee, Florida from January 7 to 11, 2019. This year’s theory school is a concerted effort to address several challenges in modern condensed matter physics. Recent computational advances and new analytic insights suggest the need for multifaceted approaches that bring together the study of model Hamiltonians, ab-initio methods and experiments to gain new understanding of quantum materials. This synergy between communities will impact endeavors where theory isguiding new discoveries. The themes of the school are: strongly correlated and quantum spin liquid physics, Weyl and topological physics and new computational techniques.

Confirmed Lecturers:

·      B. Andrei Bernevig                         Princeton

·      Collin Broholm                                Johns Hopkins

·      Jennifer Cano                                Stony Brook

·      Rebecca Flint                                Iowa State

·      Kristjan Haule                                Rutgers

·      Stratos Manousakis                       FSU and NHMFL

·      Nandini Trivedi                               Ohio State

·      Steve White                                   UC Irvine


Hitesh Changlani                     FSU and NHMFL

Turan Birol                               University of Minnesota

Kemp Plumb                            Brown

Vladimir Dobrosavljevic           FSU and NHMFL

Laura Greene                          FSU and NHMFL

Applications will begin on the NHMFL website starting October 16, 2018, and will end on November 15, 2018. For inquiries about the school, please email Hitesh Changlani at