This conference will commemorate the magnificent journey of quantum mechanics that started 90 years ago. The period 1925-27 were unique in the history of physics. From the first paper by Werner Heisenberg in the summer of 1925 over the long series of papers by Erwin Schrodinger in 1926 and the remarkable paper also in 1926 by Max Born, the revolution’s first stage was completed in 1927 with Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. All these developments were summed up in the perhaps most famous physics conference ever, the fifth Solvay conference «Electrons and Photons» in Brussels in 1927. All seventeen out of the twenty-nine participants were or were to be Nobel laureates.

Quantum mechanics has since developed in leaps and bounds, and has become the heart of most modern science applications and technology. The meeting will be a forum to build on this progress and look ahead to new frontiers in the coming years. The topics include

• Revolutions in Quantum Information
• Applications of Quantum Technology
• Revelations in Quantum Cosmology
• History & Future of Quantum Mechanics

The distinguished speakers include Nobel Laureates Professors François Englert, David Gross, Anthony Leggett, Arieh Warshel and Chen-Ning Yang, and Millennium Technology Laureates Professors Michael Grätzel and Stuart Parkin, and many other experts.

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