IFIMAC+ICMM Joint Seminar Series focuses on cutting-edge research on condensed matter physics, bringing European speakers to our Cantoblanco Campus, this year via Zoom. You need to be subscribed to our mailing list at the link provided below to get the links to the seminar room. https://listas-correo.uam.es/sympa/subscribe/seminarios-ifimac-icmm-l

Quantum simulations of condensed matter systems with quantum technologies

Lucas Lamata, Universidad de Sevilla

February 4th, 2021, 12 CET

In this talk I will review recent research on quantum simulations of condensed matter systems with quantum controllable platforms, including trapped ions and superconducting circuits. Among others, we will describe efficient quantum algorithms for simulating fermionic systems in two and three spatial dimensions, as well as proposals for the quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi and Dicke models with analog and digital-analog quantum simulators.