IFIMAC+ICMM Joint Seminar Series focuses on cutting-edge research on condensed matter physics, bringing European speakers to our Cantoblanco Campus, this year via Zoom. You need to be subscribed to our mailing list at the link provided below to get the links to the seminar room. https://listas-correo.uam.es/sympa/subscribe/seminarios-ifimac-icmm-l.

Topological Quantum Error Correction: From Theoretical Concepts to Experiments

Markus Müller, RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

To date, the construction of a fault-tolerant quantum computer remains a fundamental scientific and technological challenge, due the influence of unavoidable noise which affects the fragile quantum states. In our talk, we first introduce basic concepts of quantum error correction and topological quantum codes, which allow one to protect quantum information during storage and processing. We then present strategies to detect and fight various sources of errors, including the loss of qubits [1], and present new intriguing theoretical connections between quantum error correction and classical statistical mechanics models and percolation theory [2]. In the final part, I will discuss recent theory work from our group and experimental progress towards fault-tolerant quantum error correction with trapped ions [3,4].

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