3 opened researcher positions in nanophotonics team for the new project on actively tunable dielectric metasurfaces for applications in spatial modulators.

It is required

– one theorist with strong background in nanophotonic theory and simulations
(position: https://app.a-star.edu.sg/astarcareerportal/JobDetails.aspx?extlink=17/DSI/0006) and

– two experimentalists, one with background in nanofabrication of nanophotonic structures
(position: https://app.a-star.edu.sg/astarcareerportal/JobDetails.aspx?extlink=17/DSI/0005)
and one with background in modulation through charge injection to semiconductors
(position: https://app.a-star.edu.sg/astarcareerportal/JobDetails.aspx?extlink=17/DSI/0007).