There is an open PhD position in the Theoretical Solid-State Physics group of the Physics and Material Sciences Research Unit at the University of Luxembourg. You will work in an exciting international environment and participate in the development of a young, research-oriented university, established in 2003, that has been successfully expanding in recent years. The work will be performed under the supervision of Prof. Ludger Wirtz (University of Luxembourg) and Dr. Alejandro MolinaSánchez (University of Valencia) in collaboration with Dr. Andrea Marini (CNR, Rome area) and with experimental spectroscopy groups in Europe.

The topic of the position is the simulation of ultrafast spectroscopy in two-dimensional materials, such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and other layered materials. The experiments consist in exciting a material with an intense and sharp laser pulse (the pump) and monitoring the change in the optical properties with another pulse (the probe). With this tool one can study carrier dynamics and how the optical properties change with time, on a scale of femto and picoseconds.

The student will apply and develop ab-initio methods in combination with non-equilibrium Green’s function theory to simulate the pump-probe experiments. He will be trained in first principles methods, in many-body perturbation theory and in the development of scientific software (in particular,

We are looking for a curious and highly qualified candidate with the following profile:

• Master’s degree in Physics, Chemistry, or Materials Science.

• Strong background in quantum mechanics and at least one of the following fields: theoretical solid state/semiconductor physics, molecular physics, atomic physics.

• Experience in scientific programming.

• Good language skills.

Applications must include a cover letter detailing how you meet the selection criteria together with a CV, a summary of past accomplishments, and the coordinates of two persons willing to send a letter of recommendation.

For further information and to apply, please contact

Relevant publications:

Ab Initio Calculations of Ultrashort Carrier Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Materials: Valley Depolarization in Single-Layer WSe2, Nano Letters 17, 4549 (2017).

Photo-Induced Bandgap Renormalization Governs the Ultrafast Response of Single-Layer MoS2, ACS Nano, 10, 1182 (2016).