The Emmy Noether research group at the physics department of the FU Berlin focuses on the theory of engineered quantum systems. For example, we deal with novel concepts on how to realize nonreciprocal (unidirectional) systems; we explore their fundamental properties and investigate their potential for real-world applications. In addition, we are part of the Collaborative Research Center 910, which focuses on feedback and control of nonlinear systems. Within the CRC 910 we aim to explore possible implementations of dissipative feedback protocols for the processing and storage of quantum information, as well as for the unraveling of sensitive fundamental knowledge of systems in the quantum regime.

The job:
Controlling and manipulating systems at the quantum level is of high interest in a broad range of today’s research fields. Especially, components and protocols utilized in quantum information processing, quantum computation and quantum measurement setups require a high amount of control to protect and preserve the quantum coherence of signals. Successful control strategies have been developed via the transfer of classical feedback algorithms into the quantum regime and via the design of coherent feedback protocols. The anticipated research project aims here to extend the framework of feedback protocols and to explore the applications of dissipative interactions for optimization and information storage in open quantum systems.

The successful candidate has the possibility to earn their doctorate and is expected to assist with teaching at the physics department.

Master degree in physics or equivalent degree.

Knowledge about open quantum systems theory, basics on quantum optics and its applications. Experience with engineered
quantum systems would be desirable, for example superconducting circuits and/or optomechanical systems. In addition, interest in
working together with other groups of the CRC 910, open-mindedness and motivation to communicate in English.

All applications (your CV, a cover letter, a list of publications (if applicable) and a list of references) quoting the reference code metelmann_PhD2 should be addressed to Dr. Metelmann:

The deadline for applications is March 4th 2019.