Every year at the DPG spring meeting a group of PhD students has the chance to organize a symposium on a topic they are interested in. In this framework a group of five PhD students from the Technical University Braunschweig will organize a Symposium on frustrated quantum magnets at the next DPG spring meeting in 2017 in Dresden.

Quantum magnetism is a very active area of condensed matter physics. In the last decades, this fascinating field has highly profited from the fruitful interplay of experiment and theory. It is a genuinely interdisciplinary area of research, linking across many different subfield boundaries, ranging from condensed matter and statistical physics, via ultra cold atomic gases, spin- and heat caloritronics, classical and quantum information theory, to questions in material design and device technology.

As this year’s program includes two contributed talks as well as a poster session, we would like to encourage all scientists and students working in this specific or related field to hand in their abstract for a talk or poster contribution. The abstracts can be submitted via the DPG homepage (select MA: Magnetism Division and Topic: PhD Symposium: Quantum Magnets) until December 1st.