“Quantum processors in Semiconductor Quantum dots platforms: Theoretical modelling for new quantum functionalities”.

The theoretical group: “Novel Platforms and Nano-devices for Quantum Simulation and Computation”, https://wp.icmm.csic.es/npqsic/,  at the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM) https://www.icmm.csic.es/, located at the Campus of excellence of the Autonomous University-CSIC, is seeking well-qualified, highly motivated, and dynamic young scientists at post-doc level in the area of transport in semiconductor quantum dot arrays for quantum information transfer and quantum simulation. The contract is funded by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) within the newly-established platform PTI+ on Quantum Technologies https://qst.csic.es/about/,  a virtual cluster of more than 30 CSIC groups sharing a common vision in Quantum Science and Technology.

We seek a person with experience in condensed matter theory, including quantum transport, solid state qubits, topological systems, etc. Experience with numerical techniques (Mathematica, Phyton, Julia or similar) is a plus. Close collaboration with state of the art experimental labs is expected.

The position is funded for two years. If you are interested, please send inquires about further details to Prof. Gloria Platero: gplatero@icmm.csic.es

Possible candidates should provide a curriculum vitae, a brief letter of motivation, a summary of their research experience, and a list of publications. Two reference letters should be arranged to be sent directly to the email above.