Deadline for application: 17 January 2020

The Group of Magnetic Materials at UC seeks a qualified EU-candidate for a postdoctoral position. The main focus of the research project is to characterize magnetic nanoparticles by means of neutron diffraction, SANS, Inelastic Neutron Scattering and correlate with magnetization and susceptibility measurements.

The post-doctoral fellowship will be running for 12 months (and a possible up to 6 month extension). Gross salary: around 28670 euros/year. It will be located at the Dept. CITIMAC (Universidad Cantabria). The recruitment process will be finished as soon as possible.

Requirements: Qualified candidates must have received a PhD degree in one of the following: Material Science, Physics or Chemistry. 
It is a requirement to have experience in the use/analysis in either INS, SANS or Rietveld refinement of neutron data (preferably the three of them). INS and/or SANS in relation to nanoparticles is preferential. Previous experience in the field of magnetic nanoparticles, rare earth intermetallics and use of XRD and/or SAXS is an advantage.

Other qualifications:
Use of magnetometry techniques. We are looking for an independent researcher who is energetic, innovative and good at building relations. Due to the nature of the position, the candidate is required to possess excellent written communicative skills. Spanish is not needed but English is required. Knowledge of applications of nanoparticles is appreciated.

Academic Information on the post will be provided by Project Leader: Prof. Luis Fernández Barquín, email:

The Group of Magnetism at UC is located in Santander (northern Spain) and holds long experience in the field of magnetic nanoparticles and a suite of experimental techniques for their characterization including SQUID, PPMS and XRD instruments (and TEM). The Group is also a frequent user of Large Facilities.


The contract is limited to UE citizens or holders of UE work & residence permit.

Please obtain/send your application (Application form, ID, PhD certificate, CV) directly to:

COIE, Human Resources UC, email:, no later than 17 January 2020, 14:00 local time. Please enter reference number: 2804.