The CNR Institute SPIN (SuPerconductors, oxides and other INnovative materials and devices) in Salerno, Italy, invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the field of unconventional superconductivity and topological states of matter.

The  research activity will be carried out within a research programme about innovative materials with strong interplay of spin, orbital, charge and topological  degrees of freedom. The  project aims  at understanding the fundamental microscopic mechanisms and the emergent physical phenomena of complex  materials, which are  characterized  by a strong entanglement of spin-orbital-charge-lattice degrees of freedom, mainly driven by electron-electron correlations and spin-orbit  interaction, including the combination with quantum topology.
The long-term perspective is finding the best candidates for achieving new paradigms in emergent technologies, for instance beyond the conventional electronics based on the electron charge (e.g. orbitronics, magnonics, spin-orbitronics, and topotronics, ecc).

The research theme is the «Modelization  of nanostructures for manipulation of states with quantum coherence, nanostructure with topological states and nanostructures with magnetic and/or superconducting phases.”

The appointment will be made for one year, with the possibility of renewal for one more year, starting from January 2018.
Yearly gross remuneration is 22.000,00€.

The call is open to people having the Degree in Physics and PhD in Physics (or equivalent), with experience (at least three years after the Master degree), and scientific production in the field of research concerning the study of one of these three topics:
– Nanostructured systems with quantum coherence
– Nanostructured systems with topological states
– Nanostructured systems with magnetic and superconducting phase.

In addition, proficiency in English and operational autonomy are required.

The deadline for the application is 25/11/2017.

In order to apply, the application as PDF files should be sent by e-mail to, using annexes A and B of the attached call.

The submitted applications will be evaluated by CNR. A reserve list of accepted applications will be set up.
These candidates  will be invited for an interview that it will be held on December 12th, 2017, at 10.30 am (local  time),  at CNR-SPIN,  c/o  Dipartimento  di  Fisica  «E.  R.  Caianiello»,  Università  degli Studi di Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132 – 84084 – Fisciano (SA), Italy.
It is possible to do the interview by videoconference, upon candidate request in written form sent with the application form.

For any information please contact: and

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