Postdoctoral position in condensed matter theory – Grenoble, France

Applications for a postdoctoral opening in condensed matter theory are requested. Preference will be given to candidates with expertise in the quantum aspects of condensed matter physics and research interests in the general area of superconductivity, mesoscopic physics, electron correlations, and disordered systems. The position is for two years. It is funded through an ANR project on the electrodynamics of disordered superconductors.

Grenoble offers a great research environment with a number of strong theoretical and experimental groups. The postdoctoral work will be guided by  Manuel Houzet ( and Julia Meyer ( at INAC/PHELIQS, CEA Grenoble. Collaborations with experimentalists and other theorists are expected and will be encouraged.
Applicants should send a CV including a publication list and a brief summary of research interests to the address below or by email to Selected preprints or reprints may also be included. Electronic submission (in a single pdf file) is strongly preferred. In addition, each applicant should arrange for two letters of recommendation to be sent.