Nanotechnology group in the Department of Physics of the University of Salamanca (USAL) is seeking applicants for a post-doctoral research fellowhsip. Our current work  has  a  major  emphasis  on  developing  novel  routes  towards   fully   2-dimensional-based   systems   on   applied   condensed   matter.   We   employ several experimental methodologies (i.e. low-temperature magnetotransport, THz emission  and  detection and non-linear optics) with a common stem in clean-room-based work and (quasi) two-dimensional materials.

The ideal candidate will have excellent technical skills in condensed-matter-related experimental work with experience in the usage of a clean room facility. The candidate should be proficient in spoken and written English and must have a hands-on personality with experience in design and assembly of experimental set ups.

The applicants should, preferably, have not obtained their PhD in Salamanca University (USAL), otherwise    the candidates must justify a work in research in a non-Spanish institution for a period exceeding 24 months after the obtention of their PhD.

Please contact Dr. Enrique Diez ( for further details.


The possibility to obtain a full-time post-doctoral position (1+1 year) with a gross salary of ca. 2530 € pcm.

In   addition,   selected   candidates   will   receive   internal   funds   to   develop   their   own   research   tasks including travel allowance for meetings  and  conferences.  Furthermore,  candidates  will  have  access to a wide offer of training activities in nanotechnolgy,  semiconductor  characterization  and  low- temperatures technologies such as seminars, specific  training  sessions,  etc.  They  will  be  provided  with  the required conditions to develop their research projects with autonomy and within a stimulating environment.

The Nanotechnology group ( will provide all the facilities and experience that
will be used by the Postdoc researcher in the same conditions than any of the members of the permanent staff.