The Nanophysics group at the Universidad de Alicante is looking for highly motivated candidates for a Predoctoral researcher who is interested in performing a PhD thesis in the area of Electronic transport in magnetic and superconductive nanostructures.

The main goal of this project is the synthesis, characterization and understanding of magnetic and superconducting carbon based structures. To meet this goal we need to face the challenge of probing magnetic and superconducting properties at the nanoscale as well as state-of-the-art modelling and simulation techniques. The development of these techniques is another main goal of this project. Consequently, this project includes experts on these main components; physical Characterization (C. Untiedt) and Modelling (M.J.Caturla). The main objectives include the study of:

  1. Novel phenomena on atomic scale transport
  2. Orbital and Spin Magnetism in carbon-based Materials
  3. Superconductivity in carbon-based Materials

The candidate should have passion for curiosity driven scientific research and a Master degree in Physics or related areas.

The Spanish government through MAT2016-78625 funds this research.

Applicants should send their CV together with a cover letter explaining his/her interest in the position and two reference letters to: and

The position will be available immediately and it will remain open until a successful candidate is appointed.