The symposium organised by GEFES will take place on July 18th-19th. More information on the Bienal can be found in the conference webpage bienalrsef2017.com. 

This symposium seeks to put together the rising concept of quantum materials, which comprises emergent phenomena in condensed matter physics, and quantum technologies, which aim to manipulate the quantum world for the development of conceptually new devices. Both topics are strongly related, for the comprehension of the ultimate consequences of quantum interactions is a necessary condition for the realization of what has already been coined as the Second Quantum Revolution.

The scope is hence broad and includes the following topics:

-Correlated electron materials
-Topological materials (topological insulators and superconductors, Dirac materials, Weyl semimetals..)
-Solid state quantum technologies (quantum sensing, information, and computation)
-Quantum Spintronics
-Quantum Plasmonics

The plenary speaker (Wednesday morning) will be Gertrud Zwicknagl. 

Congratulations to Ignasi Fina and Fernando González Zalba who have been awarded the Bienal Young Researchers Prize. Both will give their talks in the plenary sessions (see the Bienal Program for more details). You can find below the final schedule of our symposium:


Aula de Química Inorgánica, Facultad de Química, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Tuesday, July 18th

15.00 GEFES Thesis Awards (4th Edition). Chair: Prof. Conrado Rillo

15.00 Invited (thesis). Gustau Catalan (on behalf of Jackeline Narváez). Bending oxides.

15.30 Invited (thesis). José Lado. On the origin of magnetic anisotropy in two dimensional CrI3

16.00 Invited (thesis). Nicolò AccantoCoherent control of nonlinear optical processes in single optical nano-antennas.

16.30 Coffee and posters session

17:30 Chair: Dr Victor Pardo

17:30 Lucía Iglesias. Oxygen vacancies in strained SrTiO3 thin films: formation enthalpy and manipulation.

17:50 Javier Tornos. Realization of a Ferroelectric-Domain-Wall Tunnel Junction.

18:10 Alberto Cortijo. The Magnetochiral effect in Topological Semimetals

18:30 Flavio Bruno. Observation of Large Topologically Trivial Fermi-Arcs in the Candidate Type-II Weyl Semimetal WTe2.

18:50 Carlos Antón. Light-matter interfacing with quantum dots: a polarization tomography approach.

Wednesday, July 19th

15.15 Chair: Prof. Gertrud Zwicknagl

15.15 Invited. Eduardo Lee. Andreev levels in hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanowire quantum dots: Energy scaling and spin texture.

15.45 José Ignacio Pascual. Mapping the orbital structure of Shiba states in a superconductor. 

16.05 Pablo San José. Zero-energy pinning from interactions in Majorana nanowires.

16.25 Elsa Prada. Measuring Majorana non-locality and spin structure with a quantum dot.

16.45 Coffee and posters session.

17.45 Chair: Prof. Fernando Sols.

17.45 Noel García. Graphene based nuclear spin quantum bits.

18.05 José Carlos Abadillo-Uriel. Manipulability, coherence and entanglement of acceptor qubits in Si and Ge.

18.25 Fernando Luis. Coupling small spin ensembles to superconducting on-chip resonators: towards a hybrid architecture for quantum information. 


(alphabetical order)

  1. Fernando Bartolomé. Tuning the magnetic moment of Fe-Phtalocyanine on Ag(110) by oxygen dosing.
  2. José Benito LLorens. On the relation between chicken eyes and superconducting vortex lattices. 
  3. Santiago Blanco-Canosa. CDW in high Tc superconductors.
  4. Guillermo Briones. Interacción magnética entre dos anillos superconductores con corriente. 
  5. Guillermo Briones. Interacción entre discos superconductores.
  6. María José Calderón. Looking for high Tc superconductivity in chromium pnictides and chalcogenides.
  7. Luis Escalera. Identificación de vibraciones locales clave en la relajación de qubits de espín molecular. 
  8. Diego Frustaglia. Topological transitions in spin dynamics by geometric phase engineering. 
  9. Julia Herrero-Albillos. Imaging magnetic responses of nanomagnets by X-ray PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy.
  10. Francisco Martín-Vega. High magnetic field Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy in the type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2.
  11. Jorge Nacenta. Desarrollo de un microscopio de sonda de barrido “Single Electron Transistor”. 
  12. Adolfo Otero. Ferromagnetic and insulating behavior of LaCoO3 films grown on a (001) SrTiO3 substrate. A simple ionic picture explained ab initio.
  13. Victor Pardo. A possible route towards superconductivity in layered nickelates.
  14. Elena Rozas. Temperature dependence of the coherence in polariton condensates.
  15. Raquel Sánchez Barquilla. Crystal growth and characterization of materials with topological properties in their bandstructure. 
  16. Alexandros Sarantopoulos. The Influence of Defects and Epitaxial Stress on the Thermal Conductivity of Oxide-based Thin-Films.
  17. Fernando Sols. Creating a superfluid by kinetically driving an insulator.
  18. David Soriano. Inducing Spin-Orbit coupling into Graphene by Proximity Effect. 
  19. Pablo Villar. Enhanced electronic compressibility in FeSe induced by Hund’s coupling.