This Summer School, sponsored by the Institut quantique and the Université de Sherbrooke, is aimed at providing fundamental training to graduate students and postdoctoral scientists on some of the major topics at the forefront of current research into quantum materials, including topological materials, spin liquids, superconductors and frustrated magnetism.

All relevant information on the webpage.  Students and postdocs interested in the subject and encourage them to attend.


Jouvence is a wonderful resort on a lake in the woods near Sherbrooke.

Everything onsite — including walks in the woods, canoe on the lake, sauna and spa by the river falls.


The welcoming day will be on Sunday, May 14. The school will then run for five days, from Monday 15 through Friday 19; departure on Saturday 20 after breakfast.

Lectures will be given in the morning and early afternoon. The afternoons will end with a poster session, where the junior scientists will present their own research project, giving them an opportunity to interact with the lecturers and with their fellow peers from around the world.


The fee for the week is between $400 and $560 CDN, depending on room occupancy.

This includes accommodation, food, and transit from and to Montreal.


Upon admission to the School, students are automatically registered for 2 credits of PhD level to be awarded by Université de Sherbrooke, at no additional cost. These credits can be transferred to their home institution.


To register for the School, please go to the website. You will need to pay the fee upon registration.

The deadline for registration is 31 March 2017.