The INL invites  applications for a 4 year Tenure Track Position  in Condensed Matter Theory, with strong preference  in candidates with experience in 2D Materials and optoelectronics.  The successful candidate will be integrated in the Group of Theory of Nanostructures.

Deadline for applications is September 15, 2016.

Job Requirements and Key Responsibilities
The successful candidate will carry out theoretical/computational research in the field of Two Dimensional Materials for Optoelectronics. Exceptionally strong candidates with different research interests, in line with the scope of INL, will also be considered. The candidate should be able to perform quantum mechanical calculations using both model Hamiltonians and DFT calculations describing various 2D materials, such as transition metal dichalcogenides, h-BN, grapheme, and their heterostructures. The candidate will also carry out calculations of the optical response of 2D materials and heterostructures, trying to collaborate with experimental groups, both in-house and external, as well as the group of Theory of Nanostructures at INL.
Required Skills and Experience
– PhD in Physics, Physical Engineering, Materials Science or other relevant subject is
– Over 4 years of active research after PhD. Candidates with less than 4 years of active
research after PhD may be considered if their profile and scientific record clearly match
the required profile and scientific background;
-High quality publications as first author in international journals in the field of Condensed Matter Physics are required;
– Previous experience in the calculation of electronic properties of 2D materials using first principles and/or model Hamiltonians is highly desirable;
– User-level experience in parallel computing will be valued;
– Previous experience in modelling optoelectronic properties (excitons, exciton-exciton interactions) will be valued;
– Very good communication skills (paper writing, oral presentations) will be valued;
– Previous participation in collaborative international research projects is valued;
– Applicants are also expected to have high quality publications in international journals and to be competitive in obtaining external research funding;
– Applicants with international mobility experience will be highly evaluated.

The official advertisement can be found here