Optical and electronic responses of topological matter are fundamental to understand topological properties in real materials. The Berry curvature is behind numerous effects such as the anomalous Hall effect, the spin Hall effect or even heat currents as observed in the anomalous Nerst effect and the thermal Hall effect. Even more interestingly, the Berry curvature has been recently shown to determine novel and sizable non-linear optical effects, non-linear Hall responses without magnetic fields and universal responses of topological metals. Lastly, magnetotransport in topological metals is an exciting frontier to uncover exotic anomalous responses rooted in concepts from high-energy physics, such as the chiral anomaly. In this edition we will tackle all these phenomena, offering a pedagogical and broad picture of the main responses of topological matter.

Topological Matter School 2023 (August 20-25): during one week we will provide extended lectures on these exciting topics by leading experts in both experiment and theory.  Our program will be spread in 1 week with 6  lectures per day.  Outdoors activities to get to know the city and the Basque culture will also be organized, such a surf class in our precious Zurriola beach.

This is the list of lecturers for the 2023 edition: