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This event is organized by the Physics Department of the University of Salerno and the Institute for Superconductors, Innovative Materials and Devices (SPIN) of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), in collaboration with the IIASS, The International Institute for Advanced Scientific Studies in Vietri sul Mare, Italy.

The/aim of the Conference/is to bring together world-renowned experts in the fields of Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Superconductivity and Magnetism, Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces to assess the state of the art and future trends in these areas.

The conference will be held in the magnificent location of “Villa Rufolo” in Ravello (UNESCO World heritage), Italy, from October 17th to October 20th , 2018.


-Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy

-Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy

-Imaging of magnetic structures at the nanoscale

-Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy on 2D materials

-Nanoscale mechanical properties explored via local probes

-Scanning probe microscopy applications in electronic devices

Superconductivity and Magnetism

-Tunneling on novel superconductors

-Exotic superconductivity

-Quantum Computing

-Vortex matter in superconducting materials by scanning probe microscopy techniques

-Magnetic tunnel junctions

-Magnetic vortices, skyrmions and three-dimensional nanomagnetism

-Proximity effect and magnetic inclusions in superconductors

Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces

-nanoparticles and nanoclusters


-carbon nanotubes


-2D layered materials

-van der Waals heterojunctions

Important Dates

June 10, 2018 – Abstract Submission deadline

June 25, 2018 – Abstract Acceptance

June 30, 2018 – Early Payment deadline

September 15, 2018 – Late Payment deadline

October 17-20, 2018 – Conference


Research articles arising from the conference will be considered for publication as regular papers in Nanotechnology, IoP Publishing (IF=3.44), in the “/Tunneling through Nanoscience/” special issue.
The manuscripts, which could be loosely related to the conference presentation, will be subject to the same review process, high editorial standards and quality requirements as for all articles in Nanotechnology. Further details, including a dedicated collection webpage will be available soon.
They should also be within the scope of the journal and must be submitted no later than January 10th, 2019.

Conference Chair

Annamaria Cucolo -Università di Salerno

International Advisory Committee
*Jan Aarts, /The Netherlands/
Fabio Beltram, /Italy/
Dino Fiorani, /Italy/
Laura Greene, /USA/
Stefano Sanvito, /Ireland/
Alexey Ustinov, /Germany/
Ruggero Vaglio, /Italy/

Organizing Committee
Carmine Attanasio – /University of Salerno, Italy/
Fabrizio Bobba – /University of Salerno, Italy/
Antonio Di Bartolomeo – /University of Salerno, Italy/
Filippo Giubileo – /CNR-SPIN Salerno, Italy/
Sergio Pagano – /University of Salerno, Italy/