First opportunity: Industrial applications of quantum computers

The project will involve the analysis of various problems in the areas of optimization and machine learning that are industrially relevant, matching them to quantum algorithms and analyzing the potential speedup. Special emphasis will put on benchmarking potential hardware and control improvements benefitting these algorithms.

Potential areas of application include:

  • combinatorical optimization
  • machine learning assisted by quantum computers
  • partial differential equations on quantum computers

The ideal candidate will have an MSc degree in physics or computer science, good programming skills, some prior knowledge of either artificial intelligence or quantum computing, and a genuine interest in applied physics in an industrial research setting. The candidate should be willing to pick up a good working knowledge of the German language during their first year (courses are being offered).

The candidate will be employed by Daimler AG and work in parts at Saarland University and in parts in Sindelfingen/Böblingen, close to Stuttgart.

Interested candidates should already now direct their application, including a CV, statement of interest, and contact data for at least two references, to Frank Wilhelm ( They will be shared with colleagues at Daimler

Second opportunity: Theory and practice of optimal control and system characterization in quantum computers.

This is a position within the EU training network Qusco. It will be joint theoretical / experimental between our group and IBM Zurich. For more information follow the link: <>