The Efetov group has 2 PostDoc openings in the field of 2D materials transport
and opto-electronics, in particular in Moire systems, which is part of
the ERC Starting Grant SuperTwist and the EU Quantum Flagship project

Applicants should send an email directly to Prof. Efetov at, and or apply under

Post-doctoral positions (up to two) in twistronics

ICFO is offering up to two postdoctoral positions to a well qualified,
highly motivated and dynamic young scientists who wishes to enhance
their scientific career in a friendly and stimulating environment.

The successful candidates will be carrying out a collaborative project
in the Low Dimensional Quantum Materials Group (LDQM) led by Prof. Dr.
Dmitri Efetov. The aim of these positions is to engineer strong
quantum effects in novel 2D materials and their hetero-structures, in
particular using the novel concepts of Twistronics. This also involves
the study of superconductivity in magic angle twisted bilayer
graphene, and the search of similar effects in other twisted 2D

The candidates will play a key role in the whole research effort of
the group and will closely collaborate with leading experimental and
theoretical groups in this field.

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