The International Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Rio
Grande do Norte will host from October 31 to November 11 the workshop
“Thermal and Electronic Transport in Nanostructures”, an event
dedicated to discuss the new developments regarding the investigations, and
the perspectives for the future of this field. The program will take place
in Natal (Brazil) and the registration is open until August 01.

Nanoscopic systems present a rich and unique list of physical properties,
which are not always present in bulk materials. Recent advances in growth
and fabrication techniques at the atomic scale brought the investigations
in nanostructures to reality. Engineering materials at nanoscale opens the
path to the development of new technologies from electronics to renewable

During the program, theoreticians and experimentalists will present their
latest advances in methodology and techniques applied to the study of heat
and electronic transport in nanostructures, promoting the interaction among
scientists working in the field.

This topic converges to the interests of scientists and engineers that
traditionally have different backgrounds, such as electronic engineers,
statistical physicists, condensed matter physicists and chemists.

More on the topics to be addressed, fees and the list of speakers also can
be found at[1]. The IIP Events management is
available to provide assistance to the participants at
or by phone at +55 (84) 3342-2249[2] (ext. 214).