The International Institute of Physics of the Federal University of Rio
Grande do Norte (IIP-UFRN), in Natal-Brazil, is hosting from March 21 to
April 12 the workshop Topological States of Matter, an event focused on the
topologically ordered phases of matter, their experimental signatures and
possible applications for topologically-protected quantum computations.

This is an excellent opportunity for researchers working in different
subjects related to topological states of matter to come together and share
experiences. The organizers hope to stimulate the development of
collaborations in order to reach new approaches to the problems of the

Topological quantum matter represents a new class of materials which are
characterized by non-local topological properties emerging from purely
local (microscopic) degrees of freedom. Our understanding of topological
states of matter has been broadened enormously over the last decade. The
progress on the theoretical end includes, for example, the prediction of
topological insulators and superconductors, as well as the exploration of
the interplay between symmetry and topology with an aim to classify
topological states.

The conference is designed to be interdisciplinary, as the organizers aim
to bring together leading experts in the field, both experimentalists and
theorists. Such cross-subject conversation is critical to further advance
our understanding of the conditions under which topological phases may be
realized and how they can be harnessed for quantum information processing.

More about registration, fees, list of speakers and the IIP-UFRN is
available at The IIP event manager will provide
assistance at, or by phone at +55 (84) 3342-2249[2] (ext. 214 / 215).