Group type:  Both theory and experiment

Research description: The aim of our research group is to study at the nanoscale the structure of low-dimensional systems on surfaces and to develop new methodologies to induce highly-controlled chemical reactions on surfaces. We target on new nano-architectures of reduced dimensionality by using organic molecules as building blocks and bottom-up strategies. We link the atomic structure of the on-surface synthesized nano-architectures and 2D layers with its electronic properties by using a combination of different experimental surface science techniques (STM, LEED, IRS, XPS synchrotron radiation..) and computational methods.

Keywords: Advanced microscopies and spectroscopies, Nanostructures, Two-dimensional materials, Simulation, Surfaces and interfaces, On-surface synthesis.

Affiliation: Materials Science Factory, Instituto ciencia de Materiales de Madrid: ICMM-CSIC


 Group Members: