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Photonic crystals group, ICMM-CSIC

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Group type: Experiment Research description: The Photonic Crystals Group is a multidisciplinary team devoted to basic research in photonic crystals and related systems. While Materials Science is capital in our research, some Fundamental Physics aspects are also central. Our main interest is photonic crystals, which we realize by means of colloidal self-assembly. We cover the

Structure of Nanoscopic Systems (ESISNA), ICMM-CSIC

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Group type:  Both theory and experiment Research description: The aim of our research group is to study at the nanoscale the structure of low-dimensional systems on surfaces and to develop new methodologies to induce highly-controlled chemical reactions on surfaces. We target on new nano-architectures of reduced dimensionality by using organic molecules as building blocks and

Advanced Force Microscopy and Nanolithography (ForceTool), ICMM-CSIC

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Group type:  Both theory and experiment Research description: The Advanced Force Microscopy and Nanolithography Group directed by Prof. Ricardo García has a consistent record on scientific originality and innovation in the development of nanoscale microscopies and nanolithography. Specifically, the Group is focused on several instrumental/methodology developments: Advanced force microscopy methods. Bimodal AFM. 3D imaging of


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The Physics Department at the University of Arizona is seeking outstanding candidates for a tenure-track or tenured experimental condensed matter or atomic, molecular and optical physics faculty position. We encourage applications from highly qualified researchers whose work will strengthen existing areas of research at the University of Arizona. Review of applications will begin on November

Senior Faculty Position – Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, West Virginia University

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The West Virginia University (WVU) Department of Physics and Astronomy invites applications for a faculty position in the area of experimental condensed matter physics at the tenured associate professor level or higher. Applicants with exceptional qualifications will be nominated for the Robert L. Carroll Chair in Physics. Applications will be processed until the position is filled,

Condensed Matter Experiment – Tenure-track Faculty Positions, University of Washington

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Outstanding candidates in condensed matter experiment are invited to apply for full-time tenure-track positions in the Department of Physics at the University of Washington. One or two appointments at the Assistant or Associate Professor rank are anticipated. Successful applicants will be expected to participate in undergraduate and graduate teaching, to develop an innovative, vigorous, externally

Professorship (W3) in Experimental Physics, Freie Universität Berlin

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Applicants will have an outstanding international track record of research in the field of modern optical spectroscopy with a focus on ultrafast physics. Core areas of research include but are not limited to surface and interface systems, correlated materials, physics of condensed matter and/or nanooptics. Ideally, applicants address this field of research with new time-

Assistant Professor – Experimental Materials Physics. University of Texas at El Paso

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The Department of Physics at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in experimental materials Physics. Preferred research areas include nano- and meta-materials, nano-magnetism, and low dimensional systems. Find all the information in Physics Today Jobs. -------- Gracias a Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC) por enviarnos la información.

Two Assistant Professor Permanent Positions, University of São Paulo

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The Department of Materials Physics and Mechanics of the Physics Institute of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, invites highly-motivated candidates to apply for two permanent positions in Experimental or Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics. Find more information in Physics Today Jobs. -------- Gracias a Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC) por enviarnos la información.

Full Professorship at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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Full Professorship in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Focus area of the search is the physics of strongly correlated materials. The position is in conjunction with the directorship of the Institute for Solid State Physics at KIT (http://ifp.kit.edu). Find all the information in the following pdf document: Professorship Karlsruhe