The group works on: Experiment. Fundamental Science, Applied Science

Brief description of the research lines of the group and contact details: The QCT group develops superconducting devices to implement quantum algorithms to solve certain mathematical problems. In addition, the physics of superconducting circuits allows the simulation and study of other quantum systems, particularly light-matter models as well as the interaction with high energy radiation.

Singular equipment and techniques available to the group: Dilution refrigerator, microwave pulse engineering, angle controlled ebeam evaporator for clean Josephson junction production

Contact: Pol Forn-Díaz. (pforndiaz_at_ifae.es)

Webpage: http://quantic.bsc.es/

Institution: Institut de Física d’Altes Energies (IFAE).

IFAE is a consortium of the Catalan Government and the Autonomous University of Barcelona

Province: Barcelona