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2 year Contract to work on Emerging phenomena in low-dimensional oxides heterostructures, ICMM

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The project involves modeling of heterostructures of transition metal oxides, where competing interactions between spins, orbital and structural degrees of freedom result in complex behaviors and emergent phenomena carrying promise for novel functionalities. The work will be performed in close collaboration with the experimental group of Jacobo Santamaría of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. We

Cristalización de óxidos mediante bombardeo

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La ciencia de materiales tiene como objetivo mejorar las propiedades de los materiales utilizados en dispositivos existentes o abrir nuevos nichos de mercado a partir del descubrimiento de nuevos fenómenos físicos. Los óxidos son unos compuestos relativamente poco estudiados que muestran una emergente importancia tecnológica debido a su amplio rango de aplicaciones en nuevos dispositivos

COR S.O. 2015: New Physics due to spin-orbit coupling in correlated electron systems

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Summer School  at IESC Cargese (Corse, France), 4th to the 14th August, 2015. The applications are now open. Applications can be submitted via our webpage http://corso2015.sciencesconf.org/ **The early deadline for applying is quite soon, May 8.** After this date we will start the participant-selection process. Main topics will include: • Spin-orbit Mott insulators • Topological

Five PhD positions, TU Graz

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Computational Modeling of strongly correlated systems (to be filled asap) Find all the information here: ITP_call Collective Phenomena in correlated oxide films and heterostructures (deadline March 15th) Find all the information here: p15_call ----- Gracias a Leni Bascones (ICMM-CSIC) por enviarnos la información.