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Física de la Materia Condensada, una mirada diferente al Universo

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El volumen 31-3, Julio-Septiembre 2017, de la Revista Española de Física presenta un monográfico de 41 páginas sobre materia condensada. Reproducimos aquí algunos extractos del monográfico con permiso de la revista. Hazte socio de la RSEF y podrás disfrutar de la Revista al completo.  Física de la Materia Condensada, una mirada diferente al universo, María

2 year Contract to work on Emerging phenomena in low-dimensional oxides heterostructures, ICMM

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The project involves modeling of heterostructures of transition metal oxides, where competing interactions between spins, orbital and structural degrees of freedom result in complex behaviors and emergent phenomena carrying promise for novel functionalities. The work will be performed in close collaboration with the experimental group of Jacobo Santamaría of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. We

International School of Oxide Electronics 2017

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The 4th International School of Oxide Electronics (ISOE2017) will be held in Cargèse, France, from April 11 to April 21, 2017. Just as previous editions of ISOE, we aim to gather PhD students, postdocs and young researchers around international scientific experts for almost two weeks in the peaceful Cargèse Scientific Institute to build the future Oxide Electronics community.

Defectos puntuales magnéticos en superconductores de alta temperatura

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Aunque el superconductor YBa2Cu3O7−δ (YBCO) sea uno de los materiales más estudiados en ciencia de materiales de los últimos 30 años aún es capaz de depararnos sorpresas. Siempre se ha considerado la superconductividad y el magnetismo como dos fenómenos excluyentes, sin embargo, se ha detectado una fuente magnética en el interior del superconductor YBCO derivada

The Oxide Nanoelectronics Group at ICN2 welcome applications for a Juan de la Cierva fellowship

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The research in the Oxide Nanoelectronics group concerns the solid state physics of funcional oxide materials; corrent topics of interest include but are not limited to strain gradient coupling (flexoelectricity), domain wall nanoelectronics, oxide interface effects and nano-confined phase transitions. For this position, the Fellow will characterize the physical properties (electromechanical response, conductivity, magnetization) of ferroic, multiferroic or strongly

TO-BE Spring Meeting, University of Warwick, UK, April 6th-8th, 2016

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"TO-BE SPRING MEETING 2016" is the second of the Spring Meetings of the COST Action on "Towards Oxide Based Electronics (TO-BE COST Action MP1308) The meeting is intended to promote mutual collaborations and define common strategies among the TO-BE COST partners, as well as attract additional scientists and companies into the Action. The meeting aims

E-MRS Spring Meeting, Symposium AA: «Solution processing and properties of functional oxide thin films and nanostructures II»

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The aim of this symposium is to offer an overview and a forum for the interchange of information and expertise on the current state of research on synthesis and processing of solution-derived oxide and nanocomposite thin films, patterned surfaces and nanostructures, including their properties and applications. Scope: In recent years, significant progress has been made

TRENDOXIDES2015 – 12-18 November 2015, Brescia, Italy

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TRENDOXIDES2015 aims to bring together PhD students, researchers and scientists with diverse expertise in the field of correlated oxides, in which the electronic interactions lead to novel and complex properties of great relevance for the fundamental understanding and the technological applications. The topics covered will include the new trends in material growth and engineering, artificial

EMN Istanbul Meeting, June 21-24, 2016

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The EMN Meetings grew out of a small workshop series that began in 2008 at a traditional villa in Orlando, Florida. Over the next three years, six additional successful workshops were organized on various focus topics in materials science, and grouped under the title of “Villa Conference” in honor of the original 2008 Orlando meeting.