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SUPERCONDUCTING MATERIALS AND LARGE SCALE NANOSTRUCTURES (SUMAN) ICMAB-CSIC Group Type: Experimental Research description: SUMAN research focuses on the study of nanostructured functional oxides grown from low cost and robust chemical solutions. The major effort is on superconducting materials, including growth of thin and thick films, high growth rates, ink-jet deposition, novel routes to nanostructure films like

Postdoctoral position in superconducting quantum circuits, Aalto-University School of Science

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A postdoctoral position in the field of superconducting quantum circuits is available in the KVANTTI group, Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University (Finland), starting January 2016. Our group is doing research on quantum-level effects in superconducting devices, focusing on the transmon and circuit QED architectures, and it is part of the Centre of Excellence in

TRENDOXIDES2015 – 12-18 November 2015, Brescia, Italy

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TRENDOXIDES2015 aims to bring together PhD students, researchers and scientists with diverse expertise in the field of correlated oxides, in which the electronic interactions lead to novel and complex properties of great relevance for the fundamental understanding and the technological applications. The topics covered will include the new trends in material growth and engineering, artificial