Group Type: Experimental

Research description:

SUMAN research focuses on the study of nanostructured functional oxides grown from low cost and robust chemical solutions. The major effort is on superconducting materials, including growth of thin and thick films, high growth rates, ink-jet deposition, novel routes to nanostructure films like nanocomposites and nanofabricated model system, search of new mechanism for vortex pinning and their correlation with nanoscale strain and atomic defects (electronic nanoscopy), also reel-to-reel continuous processes for superconducting coated conductors and integration of stapes in devices. In addition, we develop chemical methods for synthesis of functional oxide nanostructures with magnetic, ionic conductivity, ferroelectricity and semiconducting properties, including their nanoscale characterization (scanning probe microscopies, synchrotron). Recently, special interest is devoted to functional oxides with tunable metal-insulator transition for oxide memory electronics applications and oxide photovoltaics for energy saving and production.


Keywords: Superconductivity; Functional Oxides, Nanocomposites, Chemical Solutions, Epitaxial Growth, Devices, Energy, Memories, Photovoltaics

Affiliation: Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona ICMAB-CSIC, Campus de la UAB,  08193 Bellaterra, Catalonia, Spain


Group leader:                    Teresa Puig

Project Manager:             Mar Tristany

Group Members: