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PhD position at University of Zurich

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There is an open position for a highly motivated student willing to perform an experimental PhD in Physics in the area of Condensed Matter at University of Zurich, Switzerland. The PhD student will be working in the rapidly developing field of interface engineering of transition metal oxides. The research project will focus on the study

Symposium on Perovskite oxides in the XXVI INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS RESEARCH CONGRESS, Cancun, 20-25 August 2017

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Miguel A. Alario-Franco invites all members of GEFES to submit communications to Symposium F2 “Functional materials based on Perovskite-type oxides and mixed oxide-anion solids: Ferroics, superconductors and related materials” of the XXVI INTERNATIONAL MATERIALS RESEARCH CONGRESS. The present proposed Mexico-MRS symposium aims creating a forum for discussion including physicists - experimentalists and theoreticians- materials scientists, solid-state


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SUPERCONDUCTING MATERIALS AND LARGE SCALE NANOSTRUCTURES (SUMAN) ICMAB-CSIC Group Type: Experimental Research description: SUMAN research focuses on the study of nanostructured functional oxides grown from low cost and robust chemical solutions. The major effort is on superconducting materials, including growth of thin and thick films, high growth rates, ink-jet deposition, novel routes to nanostructure films like