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PhD position at University of Zurich

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There is an open position for a highly motivated student willing to perform an experimental PhD in Physics in the area of Condensed Matter at University of Zurich, Switzerland. The PhD student will be working in the rapidly developing field of interface engineering of transition metal oxides. The research project will focus on the study

PhD position at ALBA Synchrotron

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The CIRCE beamlime at ALBA Synchrotron offers one PhD positions in collaboration with Dr. Ferran Macià from the University of Barcelona to perform a PhD at the PhotoEmission Electron Microscope (PEEM) endstation of the CIRCE beamline ( The project involves working with state of the art instrumentation on magnetization dynamics in a lively, multicultural research

PhD position (FPI) on Emergent Quantum Materials

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PhD position in Condensed Matter Physics (FPI fellowship) in the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM-CSIC) in the framework of the project MAT2017-87134-C2-2-R. Oxide interfaces is a rapidly expanding field fuelled by the possibility of nucleating emergent electronic states which cannot be simply reduced to the properties of the constituent materials (A+B¹AB). This project works

PhD and postdoc positions, Spin orbitronics, CIC NanoGUNE

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This research is funded by Intel Co., the world leading microprocessor company, through a collaborative project entitled “Integration of electrical magnetic switching and spin-to-charge conversion in a nanodevice”. The research topic encompasses the interconversion between spin currents and charge currents in novel materials and interfaces. Promising methods that exploit the spin-orbit coupling will be studied, such as the

PhD at CIC nanoGUNE

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The Nanodevices Group at the CIC nanoGUNE Research Center in San Sebastian (Spain) is currently looking for a Predoctoral Researcher who is interested in performing a PhD thesis in the area of Spintronics / Spin orbitronics This research will be part of QuESTech (Quantum Electronics Science and Technology training), an Innovative Training Network funded by

PhD and post-doc positions on Experimental Quantum Transport at IFIMAC, UAM

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Positions for one PhD student and one post-doc are available at the Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC) of the Autonomous University of Madrid within the framework of the ERC Starting Grant project TOPOQDot (A bottom up topological superconductor based on quantum dot arrays) directed by Dr. Eduardo J. H. Lee. Topological superconductors are currently a

PhD position at the University of Geneva

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The position is available immediately. Quantum confined electronic states in oxides If itinerant electrons are spatially confined in a thin film, their energy levels become quantized in the perpendicular direction but maintain their continuous in-plane dispersion. This offers an opportunity to tailor the electronic structure of a material and thereby to design its properties. While