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2D Foundry, ICMM-CSIC

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Group type: Experiment Research description: The “2D-Foundry” is a research team of Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid belonging to CSIC. The main mission of this Institute is to create new fundamental and applied knowledge in materials of high technological impact, their processing and their transfer to the productive sectors at local, national and

Physics of Nanosystems (FISNANO), IFISC (UIB-CSIC)

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Group type: Theory Research description: Theory and models of quantum transport Structure and quantum correlations in nanosystems Spintronics Quantum thermoelectrics Keywords: Electronic transport and structure; Energy harvesting, storage and conversion; Low dimensional systems; Magnetism and Spintronics; Nanoelectronics; Strongly correlated systems. Affiliation: IFISC (UIB-CSIC), E-07122 Palma de Mallorca, Spain Contact:,, Group Members: Webpage:  

Nanotechnology Group, University of Salamanca

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Group type: Both theory and experiment Research description: We are an interdepartmental research group, developing several research lines in nanotechnologies and nanoscience.  We investigate fundamental and applied aspects of quantum nanosystems based on new materials as graphene and 2D related materials, topological insulators and III-V semiconductor heterostructures. Our facilities comprise a 120 m2 Clean Room, and 150 m2

Quantum Nano-Mechanics, ICFO

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Group type: Experiment Research description Our goal is to explore new physical phenomena using nanomechanical resonators based on single nanoscale objects, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and monolayer semiconductors. A carbon nanotube resonator can be described as a nanoscale guitar string, whereas a graphene resonator can be thought of as a drum membrane that is

The Oxide Nanoelectronics Group at ICN2 welcome applications for a Juan de la Cierva fellowship

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The research in the Oxide Nanoelectronics group concerns the solid state physics of funcional oxide materials; corrent topics of interest include but are not limited to strain gradient coupling (flexoelectricity), domain wall nanoelectronics, oxide interface effects and nano-confined phase transitions. For this position, the Fellow will characterize the physical properties (electromechanical response, conductivity, magnetization) of ferroic, multiferroic or strongly

Post-Doctoral Position in Condensed Matter Theory, CEA Grenoble

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A post-doctoral position in condensed matter theory is open in the Theory Lab of INAC/SPSMS, CEA Grenoble for a period of one year, possibly renewable for a second year. The successful candidate will work on non equilibrium quantum transport in correlated mesoscopic devices involving current noise, local density of states and spin manipulation in quantum dots. Potential interest

E-MRS 2016 Spring Meeting – Symposium Z «Two-dimensional crystals and van der Waals heterostructures for nanoelectronics»

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Organisers: A. Molle (CNR-IMM, Italy) C. Casiraghi (Univ. Manchester, UK) A. Castellanos-Gomez (IMDEA, Spain) G. Fiori (Univ. Pisa, Italy) E-MRS 2016 Spring Meeting – Lille (France), May 2016, 2-6 Symposium Z "Two-dimensional crystals and van der Waals heterostructures for nanoelectronics" Abstract Submission Deadline    January 15th, 2016 submission at Scope        Starting from the relatively

PhD Position in Theory of Electronic Transport at the Nanoscale

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We announce the opening of a PhD position in the Mesoscopic Physics Group at the Materials Physics Center CFM, San Sebastian, Spain. This position has a duration of 4 years and will start as soon as a suitable candidate is found. The PhD student will be offered a range of research topics in the field